Energy Markets Consultant

We are seeking to appoint an Energy Markets Consultant to work in our Melbourne office. This role is suited to someone who has up to three years’ experience as an energy market analyst or energy procurement specialist. Within this role you will develop and implement a range of possible approaches to the management of energy market risks for large commercial and industrial customers. You will advise large energy users on innovative ways to mitigate electricity, gas and renewable energy procurement risk comparing the relative risks and rewards of the different purchasing strategies.  Over time you will build a unique set of skills, knowledge and experience in energy markets:

Electricity and gas market risk assessment and procurement: our forward-looking market-based advice on the optimal timing, volume and price of contracting decisions on the futures or spot market draws on our experts' trading experience in the wholesale energy markets, our unique market analysis and market modelling capabilities and our extensive market intelligence.

Corporate renewable energy procurement: Energetics supports businesses by assessing a range of renewable energy sourcing options, from self-sourcing large scale generation certificates to on-site generation or long term renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). We have been successful in negotiating such PPA deals and are advising on an increasing amount of deals in different market jurisdictions.

Market-based valuation of power generation assets:  we leverage our quantitative price modelling capability and deep understanding of the underlying structural changes in supply and demand to forecast wholesale prices, revenue and price arbitrage options. This is further used to support the negotiation of power purchase agreements, energy supply agreements and tolling agreements with well balanced, risk-based charging arrangements and performance guarantees.

While the focus on this role is around Energy Markets Consulting your work at Energetics may also give you exposure to our other solutions: strategy and policy, energy efficiency and productivity, energy accounting and reporting and audit. The mix of assignments will depend on business requirements along with your skills, aptitudes and passions.

The ideal candidate should have the following:

  • a solid understanding of energy markets and a genuine passion for building a career in this space
  • strong quantitative analysis skills using excel and other tools 
  • enthusiasm, outstanding communication and client facing skills
  • tertiary qualifications in business, commerce or engineering (or similar)

Why work for Energetics
Our unparalleled expertise AND our genuine passion and alignment with why we do what we do is the foundation of our strong culture. When asked “Why do you work for Energetics?” many of our consultants who have come to us from larger consultancies agreed that we differentiate by having:

  • an environment that fosters growth and supports innovation.
  • uncompromising integrity, allowing you to tell your clients “no” when it’s the right thing to do
  • non-linear growth opportunities
  • workplace flexibility. Yes, our consultants all have targets, but they also have significant control of how they meet them
  • national resourcing of projects which gives opportunity for exposure to all sectors of the economy


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