Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Job

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If you have a job you’re not thrilled with, before you turn in your resignation, take a look at these tips on how to keep your job. You don’t need to stay forever, but, if you can, you may want to stay at least until you have another job lined up because it’s harder to find a job when you’re unemployed.

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Job
Try and Make the Job Work. Is there anything you could be doing differently to make the job work? Could you ask for a transfer or a shift change? Is there anything that would make a difference and convince you to stay?
Work Hard. Most employers don’t mind a little time spent on Facebook or texting, but do focus on your job and give your employer the time you’re getting paid for. When it comes to making lay-off decisions, and the company has to choose, the most productive employees will get to keep the job.
Be On Time. The workers who are late to work, take a long lunch hour, use a ton of sick time, and/or leave early every day aren’t going to win any points with their boss. Be punctual and be there, instead of making excuses for why you can’t be at work.
Be a Team Player. The employees who don’t get along well with others, who gossip about other workers, or who aren’t willing to pitch in to help, aren’t going to be appreciated.
Be Flexible. Flexibility can be a key component of hanging on to your job. When the company needs someone to change shifts, work weekends, put in some overtime, or work a different schedule, think about volunteering if your personal schedule permits.
Don’t Complain. Nobody likes complainers, regardless of how legitimate the complaints are. If you don’t like your job, there are plenty of other people who would jump at the chance to get it. When the job market is as upside down in the employer’s favor as it is now, be really careful about complaining.

Offer to Help. One of the best ways to get (or keep) job security is to volunteer for new initiatives, to offer to help with projects, and to take on more responsibility.
Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself. Even if you hate your job, keep it to yourself and your family or close friends. Don’t tell the world, because the wrong person is probably going to see what you posted. That, in and of itself, can cost you your job.
Be Positive. Negativity is contagious, but so is a positive attitude. The more you stay positive, even if you’re in a tough situation, the better you’ll be able to manage.
Suck it Up. Maybe it’s not your favorite job. Maybe you’d rather be doing something else. However, it is a paycheck and if you need the income, it can make sense to stay until you secure a new position.
When All Else Fails. When keeping your job simply isn’t feasible, and it isn’t always, take the time to prepare to job search and plan your departure, so you’re not scrambling to find a job because you just got terminated.