Should I quit during the probationary period?

By Shi Tianyun

I’ve just started a new job. Although it’s only been two months, I feel like resigning. Should I quit my job even while I am on probation or will it reflect badly on me?

It is important to know the exact reason why you want to quit after only being at your job for such a short time. We have some tips to guide you on whether you should call it a day or give it another shot.

Your job is not what you have interviewed for
After settling into work, you realise that the scope has deviated from what you were offered or understood about the job during the interview. Set up a meeting to go through your responsibilities with your manager. Bring up your concerns that the scope was not what you expected and ask when you would be able to start on the originally intended work. If this has no possibility of happening, you could bring up the request of a transfer to a department where the work would be closer to what you prefer to be doing. If not, it’s time to ask yourself whether you will be able to achieve your career goals with this new job scope.

You have a boss from hell
You and your immediate superior seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Whether it is a difference in working styles or his negative or inconsistent feedback, your productivity is affected. If this option is available, all you might need to do is speak with your boss and try to settle your professional differences. He or she might be open to sharing his or her expectations of you or their preferred style of working. If this does not work, another way could be to approach Human Resources to ask whether you could move to another team.

You have a better job opportunity
On a brighter note, you have been offered another job – better pay, better prospects. Weigh the pros and cons carefully so that you can make an informed decision. Read your employment contract again, especially if you are leaving for a competitor company – some employment contracts disallow employees from joining a competitor within six months of leaving the job.

Citing a poor job fit is a good reason for quitting within probation period, after all this is the time for both employers and employees to assess if there is a good fit. One word of caution though; as legitimate your reasons might be, having a resume filled with short-lived stints does not reflect well on you during the job search so make sure it does not become a trend in the course of your career.

This article first appeared at Jobscentral.