Five Things to Include in Your Career Development Toolkit

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In order to excel in life and with your career, it is of utmost importance you have a career development plan to follow. A career development toolkit is an excellent resource which will help guide you through some of the steps in the career management process so you can effectively reach your goals. To help with the process, here are five things to include in your career development toolkit.

1. Know what you want
The number one thing you need to include in your career development program is an understanding of what you want. By knowing what you want according to your interests and desires, you can plan accordingly to seek the field or job you would enjoy. There is no point in settling for a job that has no interest whatsoever to you. At this point, career assessment tools can be very helpful in identifying next steps.
2. Plan your future
When piecing together a career development plan, keep in mind that you are planning your future. Although your plan will change over time, this is the beginning of something that could be life-changing.  It is crucial you take it seriously and really think about where you want to be in the future and what career paths will best match with your plans.
3. Balance between life and work
One of the biggest reasons people fail in life is because they simply cannot balance their life properly. It is vital you learn how to properly balance work with your personal life. While it is important you excel in work and succeed, it is equally important you understand how to step away from the job and enjoy yourself – your career job profile should address your needs. If you do not do this you will end up burned out and overly stressed.

4. Properly market yourself
Another vital component in your career development toolkit is a marketing plan, as you must know how to effectively present and market yourself to maximise success. With the economy where it is today and the amount of people that are looking for jobs, you need to know exactly how to promote and set yourself ahead of the rest of the crowd. Learn how to properly present your skills and accomplishments in order to display your overall capabilities.
5. Interview prep
A key step in career development is preparation. When that dream job gives you a call to set up an interview, you want to be ready and prepared. This could potentially be the starting point to something that you will be doing the rest of your life. Take the time to read over commonly asked questions, think about how to answer them, and learn everything there is to know about the company. Career management is a critical component to your success. Get some career assistance and career guidance advice – the more prepared you are for an interview the better.