Benefits of Using Temporary and Contract Employees

Considering hiring a temporary staff member? Why not team up with Challenge Consulting?

The fact that you require someone on a temporary basis does not mean you have to compromise on efficiency and professionalism. Partnering with Challenge Consulting for your temporary staff needs gives you immediate access to our extensive database of qualified, screened and reference-checked temps, ready to work and available for the duration of your assignment, whether it’s one day or one year. 

All organisations experience annual phases when extra help is needed in order to complete a large project or meet increased service demands. More often than not, a company’s solution to a growing workload is to push current staff harder and compensate them with overtime hours. Considering the time and money it takes to bring on a new team member, it’s a commonly held belief that conserving these resources is more beneficial overall.

But is that always the case?

It turns out that the cost of hiring a skilled temporary employee to help you out during peak times is rarely more than increasing the number of hours for your current staff.  Once you’ve factored in statutory taxes, benefits costs and personnel administration expenses, the cost of your full-time employees far exceeds the amount you’d spend bringing in someone short term.

Moreover, the benefits of using temporary employees extend far beyond just the financial savings. Let’s consider what else your organisation will gain from temporary staff.

Increased Productivity
A temporary worker is goal oriented and focused on accomplishing a lot in a short time frame. This means far less idle time on the job. Studies show that the average full-time employee spends as much as 25% of their workday engaged in non-productive activities. Temporary employees are far less likely to waste time and, as a result, are much more beneficial to you during your busier periods.

The Right Stuff

Consulting with a staffing agency allows you to select temporary professionals with the exact skill set(s) that you need to accomplish your organisation’s specific goals. Temporary staffing and recruitment firms specialise in matching skilled professionals to an organisation’s needs. While often a full-time employee is required to possess a broader set of abilities, a temporary employee can be a specialist in one particular field.

A Built-in Trial Period
Some temporary employees prefer the flexibility of shorter-term contracts. Others, however, are interested in eventually securing a full-time position. One of the hidden advantages of bringing on a temporary employee for a large project is the possibility that they could become a full member of your team. If you have a particularly positive experience with a temporary staff member—and the resources are available— there’s no reason why you couldn’t offer them a position. And this saves you time and money in the long run insofar as it cuts out the need for a future job search.