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Many entrepreneurs and small business owners do everything: they are their own boss, business manager, financial officer, administrative support, and visionary. Doing everything yourself can help to keep your business life simple—but is it best for your company?

If you are currently running your business by yourself, you may find yourself with too much to do, or just bogged down with tasks that might be more appropriate for another person. It might be worth it to your business to pay for extra help if your skill set is being over-used or not being used efficiently.
There are many pros and cons to hiring employees, or otherwise delegating your work. If you’re thinking about adding staff or out-sourcing projects, here are some things to think about:

Obstacle: Control
It can be an easy impulse to tackle everything yourself—you know your vision for your company, and if you do the work, the end result will be up to your very high standards. Or perhaps you’ve already handed over the reigns to someone else, and been disappointed with the outcome. If you are used to having creative control over every part of your business, it can be scary to trust a stranger.

Advantage of Hiring Help:
No one cares about your business as much as you do, of course, but by hiring the right people and training them effectively, you can impart your high expectations and work ethic. They may not do everything exactly as you would have done, but talented people with different skill sets than your own might even do a better job than you could do. Having trouble verbalising your vision or concepts for a project? The right professional will know how to extract your ideas and turn them into something professional.
Obstacle: Cost
Doing everything yourself will certainly save you money. I constantly think of all the money I’ve saved doing my own bookkeeping, and my own graphic design for product catalogs. However, I’m realising more and more that my time and expertise can be worth more than the money I’m saving. Some tasks are too time-intensive and can prevent you from focusing on the big picture.
Advantage of Hiring Help:
What’s your time worth? If you’re slaving away on administrative duties, you are not using your time for tasks that actually make your company more money. By delegating these or something similar to an employee, you will be free to do what you do best—discovering new products and services, finding new customers, and increasing your revenues.
Obstacle: Size
The decision to hire or not to hire can largely be a question of sustainability; adding to your workforce can significantly increase your overhead expenses. In addition to salary, health insurance, liability, taxes, and becoming a manager to your staff are all things that can be overwhelming to think about if it’s been just you thus far. By keeping things small, it helps to keep things simple—but do you see your company growing in size, force, and strength?
Advantage of Hiring Help:
The good thing here is that there is so much flexibility, you just need to decide how much help you really need. Can you commit to hiring someone full-time, part-time, or do you just need extra assistance seasonally? Do you need someone on-site with you, or can you sub-contract work out to a freelancer? Do you just need help from another professional like an accountant, graphic designer, or editor? You can hire new talent based not only on your needs and budget, but also according to your own comfort level.
Delegating work to others could either directly or indirectly increase your revenue. Bringing another’s expertise to a project could attract more customers, or by hiring someone to maintain the subtle aspects of your business, you will be free to brainstorm and grow your company in other ways. If having your hand in every aspect of your business is overwhelming, you may benefit from outside help.