4 Ways To Embrace Change In The Workplace – And Grow Your Career

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You are sure to experience change in the workplace, regardless of your occupation. Modifications to management, technology, procedures, expectations and policies take place all the time. However, humans have a common, natural instinct to resist change. 

Unwillingness to be flexible and adapt may prohibit or derail career advancement. You can become a valuable asset to any company by showing a willingness to embrace change. 

Here are some ways to market yourself as a person who sees change as an opportunity for innovation. 

Demonstrate Your Flexibility 

Whether you are looking for a new job or are currently employed, staying open-minded is essential to career success. Particularly if you are searching for a job in this austere economic climate, demonstrating flexibility will help you stay afloat. 

An example of this is accepting a temporary or part-time position while waiting for full-time career employment. While not an ideal scenario, being open to such opportunities can help pay bills as you await your next open door. In fact, your temporary position of answering phones at the front desk could lead to a long and satisfying career within the same company. 

Be a Versatile Employee 

Being flexible is also about being versatile within your vocation. You must showcase your skills in a way that demonstrates your ability to accommodate the demands of work, as well as the needs of your co-workers and superiors. 

With seemingly limited resources in today’s economy, employees must adapt to accomplish more with less, and work quickly through it all. In turn, this ensures employees benefit from being willing to adapt their work styles in new ways and with positive attitudes. 

Communicate Purposefully 

Moreover, you must learn to read your co-workers and supervisors so you can adapt your communication style in order to suit individual preferences. Some people dislike talking on the phone while others prefer face-to-face communication. Taking note and adapting to these differences will make your co-workers feel like you value them, thus making you a well-liked and winsome team member. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude

It is also important to maintain a positive attitude throughout unforeseen changes. While no one expects you to become a pushover, it is frowned upon when an employee says, “That’s not part of my job description,” or “I’m unwilling to change my schedule.” Expressions like these are sure to hurt you in the long run. 

Instead, try being the first one to offer a solution that can meet the need in question. Saying “yes” to change may require extra time and energy, but approaching challenges with such fearlessness and drive can make you an asset to your company or organisation quickly. 

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw 

Businesses thrive when they embrace change. The same holds true for individuals. You can meet job competition head-on by developing and taking opportunities as they come. In addition, adapting your work style to meet the changes of a workplace environment makes you a valuable co-worker and team member. If you can respond to unforeseen events with a positive attitude and a willing spirit your career is certain to rise.

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