4 Powerful Ways To Stay Confident During Uncertain Times

Life is full of surprises.

Sometimes these surprises are pleasant and other times we can’t help but feel a little anxious about what the future holds.
Which brings us to the importance of feeling confident, secure, and powerful — even in the face of uncertainty.
Because no matter who you are, what you do for a living, or where you live, you’re always going to face moments of uncertainty (unless you’re psychic and can tell the future, of course). But seriously, these moments of uncertainty might happen in any aspect of your life: at work, in business, or in your relationships, for instance.
And often, what differentiates super-successful and happy people from those who are ridden with anxiety and depression is the ability to sustain power and confidence, even in the face of uncertainty.
So here are 4 ways to stay confident, courageous, and happy, even when you’re not quite sure exactly how your desired projects – in love, work, and life – will play out in the short term:

# 1 – Stay Rationally Optimistic.

When we humans think and feel rationally positive, our brains actually perform better. That’s because positive mental states produce higher levels of creativity, productivity, and performance.
Which means: if you’re ever unsure about a project’s progress or future outcome, staying rationally positive (not delusional and positive) might just foster the precise creative insight you need to ensure your ultimate success. Not to mention that it’s a total confidence booster in moments of uncertainty (and rightfully so)!

# 2 – Define Your Plans A, B, C, and D.

Any time you’re going for a goal in life, it’s good to map out several potential paths to get there. This way you know you’ll somehow arrive at your desired point.
Many times having only one potential path toward a goal can leave us anxious or nervous about that path. After all, what if it doesn’t happen as expected?! But imagine how confident you’d feel if you knew that you had also mapped out several other paths toward that same outcome? Then you could put your ALL into plans A, B, C, and D…in full knowing that you’ll arrive.

# 3 – Realize Once And For All: It’s All Good.
How many times has something happened that looked “bad” at the time and then later when you looked back on it you were thrilled that things turned out the way they did? It’s time to realize once and for all that this universe or world supports you and wants you to succeed!
The truth is that many times we simply don’t know the best way to achieve our desired outcomes, so we get angry or sad when things don’t work out the way we think they should…only to later realize that it all worked out for our own happiness, joy, success, and benefit. We just didn’t really know any better at the time…we didn’t realize we should be celebrating!

Now imagine how confident you’d feel in ‘uncertain moments’ if you just went with the flow because you ‘spiritually’ knew that everything was actually working in your favor…even if it didn’t seem entirely obvious to you at that particular moment in time…Now THAT’S freedom!

# 4 – Do Your Best – Don’t Stress The Rest.
One of the best ways to stay confident in the face of uncertainty is simply to be secure in knowing that you’ve done your best and finally learn to let go of the things you can’t control.
One of the biggest mistakes so many people make is that they give it their all at work, in love, or in anything they think is important – and then they fully STRESS until they know for sure whether their end results will come through as they want them to. (Think school applications, business deals, you name it…it never ends).
Solution: when the ball is in your court play your best game, but once it’s in someone else’s court, be cool and stress-free. Refer to # 3 above if you need to!

[Source: www.pickthebrain.com]