Why it’s great to be a temp – By Lauren Eardley

As a Temp turned Recruitment Consultant, I have certainly been exposed to both sides of the temping story. I have seen how temping can benefit both the company and the individual. The future is set to bring an increase in temporary, part-time and flexible working arrangements which means more opportunities for candidates interested in short-term work and looking for a change. Temping certainly isn’t for everybody but for some it offers fantastic opportunities to sample industries which you may never have set foot into before. If you are looking for a new start, want experience within different types of companies, and a chance to build your network – then temping may be perfect for you.

1. A new start. In my recent experience as a Recruitment Consultant I have met numerous candidates whose positions have recently been made redundant for various reasons. Some of those people have been with the same company, in the same role for several years. Inevitably, getting back into the job market is daunting and temping often eases you through that process and gives you a taste of what it is like to work in a different company, with different people and sometimes in a completely different role.

2. Experience with different types of companies. Temping can offer you the opportunity to experience the multitude of cultures that different companies have to offer from super corporate and competitive to laid back and casual. It can allow you to see what is out there and what options you have.

3. A chance to build your network. The companies you temp for all employ different people and you have that opportunity to work closely with these people for a period of time. Meeting new people means building your network and who knows what these connections may bring for you in the future: job referrals; career opportunities or even just a new friend. You could receive training on a new software programs and be exposed to different operating procedures and even if your temp assignment doesn’t go long term, you can take these ideas to your next opportunity.

Temping offers these great opportunities to experience new areas but don’t rest on your laurels, it’s not always easy to stroll into a temp role. The temp market is a competitive place; there are hundreds of quality candidates out there all competing for that one lucrative temp position. So my top tips to impress at interview and land that temp job? Practice your interview questions, know your resume, know your strengths, present yourself immaculately and be reliable. Treat the temp job like any other permanent job, take it seriously and who knows where it could take you!

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