What is your funniest Christmas Party story?

The silly season is now upon us and invitations are flooding in for Christmas Parties before we all log-off to celebrate the Festive Season!

But how many people are having a déjà vu moment with dreaded memories of that horror Office Christmas Party experience last year? Perhaps that combination of alcohol, dance floor, and karaoke was a little too much for some?

Who can forget that scene out of Bridget Jones’ Diary when she belted out with gusto Mariah Carey’s ‘I can’t live if living is without you!’, cigarette in one hand, and drink soon to be in the other – perhaps not leaving the best impression for her boss and colleagues when she joined them again at the office the next day!

We all have heard them through the grapevine, gossiped about them around the water cooler, or perhaps even witnessed them ourselves – those memorable, for all the wrong reasons, Christmas party shenanigans and personalities. We shall not mention the staff member that was refused service at one memorable Christmas function. Whether they are fact or fiction nobody will know, but these tragic Christmas stories lasted long into the New Year and beyond!

  • ‘Shortly before the firm’s Christmas party last year I was offered an excellent opportunity of three years’ work in India with a substantial rise. Unfortunately at the party I got terribly drunk and after spilling beer over my manager, and being reprimanded, I stormed out in disgust and shouted “I resign”. Unluckily he wasn’t drunk and it was accepted.’
  • ‘My company has just made the whole department redundant, asked us to reapply for our own jobs, and will send out job offer letters on the day of the office Christmas party. I don’t think many people will be turning up!’
  • ‘We had a woman employee who did not have any manners. She always arranged for her children to be brought to work during the party. It was for the employees only, no spouses, or kids. She was a double dipper, and a food putter backer. In other words, she would put the chip in the dip, take a bite, and put the chip back in the dip. She was known to have handled food, and put it back on the serving plate. And the kids were just as bad. So, we had to assign someone to watch her, and stop her from spoiling all the food, and everybody’s Christmas. And guess who that usually was! Yep, me! and guess who got their dinner ruined every year! I am a little ashamed to admit, no one was sorry when she got fired, same sloppy attitude with her work.’

Based on my previous experience in hospitality and events, I have seen and participated in  my fair share of Office Christmas Parties, some that were amazing, and others that remain memorable (whether or not for the wrong reasons!). It is amazing how much confidence builds during the end of year parties. From attempts at table dancing, to bold statements being made with extremely loud voices to even the occasional slips, trips and falls. I have to say from a corporate perspective I now appreciate what hospitality staff have to go through during events such as these.

As the Office Christmas Party is the last big event of the year, it is imperative to make this event one that you will enjoy without letting it haunt you into the New Year. So to avoid your own Bridget Jones moment this Christmas Season, here are some great tips from an article in Readers Digest –

Behaviour tips for the office Christmas party

  • Drink as though you’re driving. Stick to one standard drink per hour. Tips for responsible drinking
  • Don’t stay to the bitter end. Work Christmas parties shouldn’t be open-ended affairs. Have a time frame of, say, 6pm-9pm.
  • Save your slinkiest, sexiest red dress for a night on the town with friends – not for colleagues at a work function.

Tips for getting a cab

  • Party hopping? If you need a cab, Tracey Cain from the NSW Taxi Council says: “Book ahead and ask for a receipt when you pay. That way, if you leave anything behind, we can trace your cab.”
  • Best time to get a cab? In many big cities, shift times are staggered. However, be aware that cabs can often be difficult to find from 2am-3am during shift change-over.

What is your most memorable Christmas Office Party? Or perhaps you have a funny story that you would like to share? We would love to read them!