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  • This test is designed to screen applicants of approximately three to five years’ experience in accounting. It covers the areas of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, Financial Analysis, Cost Accounting and Auditing. Without focusing on a specific software package, the test attempts to concentrate on skills used by an accountant in the work environment and less on the general ledger equivalent of each entry that one would find in an academic test.This test has 53 Questions

  • This test is designed to thoroughly test a candidate’s level of knowledge of Accounting principles, concepts and terminology. The test is aimed at basic office accounting personnel, clerks with 1 to 2 years’ experience, new accounting graduates and financial accounting personnel. Its coverage ranges from basic accounting principles such as debits, credits and adjusting entries to more advanced accounting, such as financial statements, investing and taxation. This test has 60 Questions

  • This test assesses the knowledge of an accounts payable clerk or an office associate who has a subsidiary duty in the processing of Accounts Payable. This includes the processing of invoices, purchase orders and cash flow. This test primarily focuses on the basic accounting concepts used in the processing of Accounts Payable. This test has 34 Questions

  • This test is designed for an Accounts Receivable Clerk Position. Topics include A/R Principles, Credit to Customer, Invoice/Billing Concepts, Cheques, Applying Payments and Collections. This test has 30 Questions

  • This test is designed to measure an individual’s ability to pay close attention to details. Test takers are required to determine if two sets of numbers shown on screen are the same or different. This test has 40 questions.

  • The Audio Typing assessments measure the speed and accuracy of the user’s typing in conjunction with a passage delivered audibly. The test presents an audio passage to the user in which the participant must type as accurately and quickly as they can. Verbal instruction is provided for punctuation. This test should be given to anyone where typing speed needs to be measured in response to verbal communication. This is a 5 minute test

  • This test examines the test taker’s ability to draw important information from written material. Participants are asked to read text passages, answer questions, identify words based on how they are used in a sentence and determine if a statement is a fact or an opinion. This test is designed to be administered to applicants for positions where the need for a demonstrated ability to understand basic written information is important. This test has 30 Questions

  • This test measures the candidatesÊcapability as a full-charge Bookkeeper. The candidate should be able to pay bills, track receivables, process payroll in full, post journal entries and maintain a company’s books and basic financial statements. Topics include Accounting Principles, Accounts Payable/Coding, Accounts Receivable/Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Depreciation, Financial Statements, Payroll Posting, Closing, and Journal Entries. This test has 39 Questions

  • This test aims at assessing the skill level of the participant in identifying errors in text, tables and lists. The errors included are those of transference (made when transferring data from one site to another), grammatical errors, errors of calculation (made when compiling simple information), and punctuation errors. This test is intended for those with some experience with proofing and who will be expected to proofread on the job. This test has 37 Questions

  • This test for Business Writing aims at assessing the skill level of the test taker in brainstorming, proper grammar, organization skills as well as vocabulary. This test is best employed in conjunction with the Writing Samples Scenarios which provide the participant with the opportunity to create a written piece for review by the administrator. This test has 22 Questions